Trinity Gese

What are Trinity Gese exams?

The Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) exams test candidates’ ability in listening and speaking and are designed for those who speak languages ​​other than English as their first language. The grading system defines English language proficiency, from absolute beginner level (Grade 1) to proficiency (Grade 12). Listed below are all available Grades and its equivalence with the CEFR:

  • Initial: GRADE 1-3, level A1
  • Elementary: GRADE 4-5, level A2
  • Intermediate: GRADE 7-9, level B1
  • Advanced: GRADE 10-12, level B2


GESE tests are one-to-one oral examinations with a Trinity examiner. With an increasing level of difficulty in each grade, the candidate and the examiner exchange information, ideas, and opinions and debate topical issues.

Abeschool provides individual preparation courses for these exams, on request we can arrange group solutions to be held at our offices or at the offices of the institutes or universities.

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