What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to assess the English language skills of candidates who need to study or work abroad. IELTS is recognized by universities and employers in many countries, including the UKs, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the US. It is also recognized by professional bodies, immigration authorities, and other government agencies.

If you are an Italian student holding an IELTS certificate, you are now entitled to a full or partial exemption from English tests set by your university or intercultural exchange program (e.g. Erasmus).

The test is taken at an IELTS test center and will determine your ability to combine listening, reading, writing, and speaking tasks at the academic level.

How do I pass IELTS?

Abeschool offers group or individual IELTS exam preparation courses at affordable rates.

At the beginning of the course, you will meet individually with our certified and highly experienced teachers, who will determine your entry level and help you set your goals and course timetable. Be aware that English knowledge alone is not enough to prepare you for the IELTS. To really get the best score possible, you have to master those specific skills and strategies needed to pass this test. Your teacher will guide you throughout this learning path focusing on effective exam techniques and assessing your progress weekly through practice and exam simulations. Your course will cover:

  • Listening: improve your listening skills and vocabulary. We will teach you how to listen for gist and understand different English accents using audio tracks from actual IELTS tests.

  • Reading: learn how to scan and read academic writings for general meaning or details within the allotted time.

  • Writing: learn the methods and strategies needed to successfully write reports or essays on scientific, historical, socio-economic, and political issues.

  • Speaking: improve your fluency to speak confidently about yourself and current topics. Our experienced teachers will correct your accent and pronunciation so that your English will sound more natural.

Once you get the certificate, you’ll be able to enter university or get a well-paying job in a native English-speaking country. On top of that, an internationally recognized English certification will give you better career opportunities in Italy as well.

Group courses

  • Total hours: 30
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Period: all year round
  • Number of students: 3/6
  • Day: saturday
  • Hours: 09.30/12.30 – 15.30/18.30

Individual courses

  • Total hours: 30
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Period: all year round
  • Day: of your choice
  • Hours: of your choice

Subscriptions are open every year
from September, 1st

Abeschool will take care of your registration to the nearest IELTS test center – registration fee and travel expenses are not included in our fee and should be paid by the student separately.

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