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A full immersion course that will get you up to speed for a job interview in English.

Have you been selected for a Skype or face-to-face job interview in English and don’t feel confident you’ll be able to answer effectively to the questions you’ll be asked? In only 10 hours, an English mother tongue professional headhunter will guide you through the interview process, teaching you how best to answer any kind of questions you might be asked. In a short time you’ll learn how to talk about your personality traits and work ethics and deliver effective answers to tough questions in a fluent and confident manner. In addition to answering to popular interview questions, you’ll learn how to establish rapport and trust during the interview process to win those hard-to-get jobs.

If you need to apply for a position, we’ll help you write your resume in the European or American format including the cover letter at no additional cost!
You are eligible for this intensive course if you are Pre-intermediate (A2) or above.

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