General English

An English course that will help you improve your competence in everyday English.

Have you ever felt frustrated because you can’t express yourself clearly and wished you had a better fluency? It’s time to make your move!

Through simulations and roleplays, our certified mother tongue teachers will teach you how to use everyday expressions to deal with daily conversational situations. Our communicative Abeschool In&Out® method, which can be applied to any language skill level, is based on a simple concept: learning through speaking. Before you know it, you will learn how to communicate clearly and confidently with native English speakers.

Particular emphasis will be given to key areas of pronunciation such as word intonation, stress, and fast and connected speech. To improve your comprehension, you’ll also practice listening to different English accents (e.g. US, UK, UE) using recorded tracks, YouTube videos, and excerpts from movies and songs.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to understand and express yourself in English naturally for study or travel abroad experiences. Upon completion of the course you will be given a Certificate of Achievement with an indication of the level obtained according to the CEFR standards. This is proof that you have successfully completed a General English course with Abeschool.

Evening group courses

  • Total hours: 42
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Time period: from october/november to may/june
  • Number of students: max. 8
  • Hours: 19.00/20.30 – 20.30/22.00

subsriptions are open every year
starting from September, 1st

Individual courses

  • Total hours: from 20 to 50 hrs
  • Frequency: once a week or once in 2 weeks
  • Time period: all year round
  • Days: of your choice
  • Hours: of your choice

subscriptions are always open

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